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We are having training every Thursday to help you get more leads faster, get more signups and to make a lot of money with the Free Lead System. This Training is given by the Makers of the Power Lead System. Click Here to attend the Thursday training.

Training is held every Thursday at 7PM Pacific Time, 9 PM Central Time and 10PM Eastern Time.

If you miss the training it will be recorded. To see the recording just click the link above. Thank you.

NOTE: From time to time we will be having live training ourselves for all our CCC and Make Money Even If You Don’t Want To members.  Until then see all our past training below!

NEW: Thursday 19 Oct Training. Get Paid For Getting Free Leads.


Here Is The Fast Start Setup Training #1
For Paid PLS Users.

Remember anyone who gets the PLS system will get placed first into Make Money Even If You Don’t Want To. Get with your sponsor. If you cant reach your sponsor or if you sponsor is not use PLS then email an email to us at and ask us for the URL to the PLS Free Trial.

Fast Start Training #2 Breaking It Down. For Paid PLS Users.

Fast Start Training For The Free Lead System Users 3 Aug 2017

////////////// Past Webinars /////////////

Thursday 28 Sep Training. Make Money While Making Leads.

Thursday 14 Sep Training. Free Lead System A Little Laid Back.

Thursday 7 Sep Training. Free Lead System With Free Tools And More.

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Thursday 31 Aug Training. Free Lead System With FB Pages.

Thursday 25 Aug Training. Something New.

Thursday 18 Aug Training. So Cool.

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