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Leader Board News:

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Geoff Barra  Just Jumped Up And LOCKED IN Gold Position#6. It’s All Yours Now Geoff. You Did It !!!

Ian Hickson Just Stormed  into GOLD Position#8 on the Leaders Board! Alright Ian your are in control !!!

Tony Monk Refused to slide into position#12 as a Silver Member and instead JUMPED UP into Gold Position#10. I can tell Tony has a Plan. Way to go Tony.

Andrew James Eay Decided He Is  Doer and Proved It By Jumping Up To Silver! Way to go Andrew. You’re Moving On UP!

Matt Steckler Came Out Of Nowhere and Jumped into the Leaders Board in a Bronze Position.  You Know What Your Doing Matt!

Joseph Schmitz Just Jumped into the Leaders Board in a Bronze Position.  Alright Joseph way to go!

Robert Halcomb  Did the same. Coming just under Joseph. You know what you’re doing Robert! 

Romulus Malerba Is a new addition to the Leaders Board but didn’t want to start at the bottom. No way Romulus went directly  to a Bronze Leaders Position! Keep It Up!

Marcia Pearson won our Saturday contest and entered the Leaders Board at position #72. She said NO WAY and jumped herself to Position #33 buy getting the Custom VGV. You are really moving Marcia!

Everyone Welcome Robert Dibari  and Thomas Walters  and Michael Ward to the Leaders Board. They won our fun contest on on last few webinars. The prize was a Free Spot on the Leaders Board. Congratulation Robert and Thomas. You see it pays to attend the live webinars.

Also Congratulations To Rob Metz who won MONEY on Saturdays Webinar. You know he was glad he attended. If you are not registered for the webinars then
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These are the members who will get to join first not only in Make Money Even but in all future programs as well. They will make more money, get discounts, freebies and lots of cool stuff. You know the Happy People!

This list in not final yet. There is a lot of wiggle room for you to get a Top Spot. Be on our Live Webinars to find out. You can also see past
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Congratulations to all our Top Spot Members. Keep it up and stay on TOP!

Way To Go!!!

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