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Leader Board News:

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Everyone Say Congratulations To Our 4 Founding GOLD Members!

Founding Lifetime Gold Members: 
Pauline Kelly
Kevin Davis
Marcia Pearson
Bob Gale-Maurer

Everyone Say Congratulations To All Our TOP LIFETIME LOCKED IN GOLD Members!

NEW: Mark Fairweather
Robert Steel
NEW: Cheryl Jennings
Doug Willey
NEW: Raymond Parsons
NEW: Thomas Walters
NEW: Marlon Wilson

Rita Weber
Pauline Kelly
Harold (Chip) Heaton
Richard Kimball
Geoff Barra
Bernie Lacoursiere
Ian Hickson
Edward Moore
Tony Monk
Norman Kaufman
Leo de Waal
Diana Herche
Eric Duncan
Gary Tice
Lawrence Boyd
Peter Maritz
Andrew James Eay
John Martens
Chade Adams
Madeline Walsh
Joseph Schmitz
Marco Antenucci
Romulus Malerba
Kjell Stordal
Peter Gentzlinger
Gregory Johnson
Bob Gale
Robbie Charlton
Jimmy Russell
Heiko Knoche
Linda Mess
Rebecca Hackett
Ken Karaczewski
Alvin L Brown Jr.
Raymar Jenks
San Warren
Frank Burno
Rick Beery
Jim Daily
Wayne Phillips
Marianna Toth
NEW: Doug Willey
NEW: Raymond Parsons
NEW: Thomas Walters
NEW: Marlon Wilson
NEW: Cheryl Jennings
NEW: Robert Steel
NEW: Mark Fairweather

Susan Spickenagel is our Newest Silver Member. Way to go Susan!

Jerome Bedgood is our Newest Bronze Member. Way to go Jerome!

Jose Bonet is our Newest Leader Board Member. Way to go Jose!

Timothy Cooper is a New Silver Member. Way to go Timothy!

Jeffrey Kallunki, Hamish Pogai and Leon Edwards are new to the Leaders Board. Welcome Jeffery, Hamish, and Leon. Keep up the good work!

Shawn Whitfield, Sam Paradiso and Brandon Beach have also joined our other leaders on the LB. Way to go Shawn, Sam and Brandon.

Also Congratulations To Rob Metz, Edward Moore and Robert Halcomb  who won MONEY on Saturdays Webinar. You know they were glad they attended. If you are not registered for the webinars then
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Congratulations to all our Top Spot Members. Keep it up and stay on TOP!

Way To Go!!!

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